Category: Culture

  • Gong Culture Space

    Gong culture space covers 5 provinces in Central Highlands Vietnam, including Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Dak Nong and Lam Dong. This art is created and performed by the […]

  • Pre-wedding customs of the Co Tu

    Pre Wedding Customs of the Co Tu in Quang Nam province, central Vietnam. The Cotu in Quang Nam province have preserved a unique pre-marriage custom, which highlights the significance of […]

  • Muong Shamans in Hoa Binh

    Shamans are respected people who perform religious rituals for families and the community. The Muong consider shamans messengers of the gods. There are about 300 male shamans in Hoa Binh […]

  • Traditional costumes of the Brau

    The traditional costumes of the Brau are handmade and sophisticated. Previously their clothes were simply for protecting human bodies and agricultural production. They weaved clothes from the barks of trees. […]

  • Wedding rituals of the Ba Na

    Wedding rituals and marriage are important in the life of the Ba Na. Although the Ba Na wedding rituals have varied at different times and in different regions, some traditional […]

  • Ba Na musical instruments

    Klong Put, the hand-made musical instrument has unique shapes and sounds which distinguish Bana music from the music of other Vietnamese ethnic groups. Living close to nature, the Bana have […]

  • Thanksgiving Ceremony of the Ba Na

    The Thanksgiving ceremony of the Ba Na is usually held during the lull after the new rice harvest. When children get married and move into own house, they invite their […]

  • Wedding presents of the Tay

    Like many other Vietnamese ethnic groups, the Tay people consider marriage an important event of the family and the whole clan. They uphold several marriage rules and rituals. The man […]

  • Wedding Ceremony of the Giay

    Wedding Ceremony plays a very important role in the Giay’s life. For them, the most important things in life are morality, family tradition, and respect. In the past the Giay […]

  • Brocade Cloth of the Tay

    Brocade cloth of the Tay use cotton dyed in indigo with very little patterns. No one knows exactly when brocade weaving first became a part of Tay people’s life, but […]

  • Stilt Houses of the Van Kieu

    The stilt house of the Van Kieu is small and has rooms for parents, couples, and children. Sleeping rooms are on the right side and the living room is in […]

  • Flute melodies of the Bru Van Kieu

    The Bru Van Kieu live in the high mountainous region of Quang Binh province, central Vietnam. They have created several singing genres, dances, and musical instruments. The flute plays an […]