Cycling Tours

Embark on unforgettable Vietnam cycling adventures with our Cycling Tours. We offer diverse Vietnam cycling trips, catering to all levels, from leisurely cycling holidays to thrilling mountain biking expeditions.


Explore vibrant Hanoi, historic Hue, and charming Hoi An on guided bike tours that range from short 3-hour rides to full-day excursions. Immerse yourself in local life, visit temples, and pedal through picturesque rural villages.


Discover the serene Mekong Delta on cycling holidays in Vietnam’s south. Our guided bike tours take you off the beaten path, meandering through lush rice fields, vibrant floating markets, and ancient Khmer temples.


For the adventurous, our mountain biking holidays in northern Vietnam and the central highlands offer thrilling downhill descents and rugged terrain exploration. Choose from a range of cycling itineraries, from day trips to epic 15-day cycling tours, and experience Vietnam’s beauty on two wheels. Start your cycling adventure now!

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