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Vietnam Hiking Tours comprise our finest selection of trekking adventures arranged in Vietnam, catering to a range of hiking levels, from leisurely strolls to moderate hikes, and challenging treks suitable for individuals, family vacations, and small groups of hiking enthusiasts.


Vietnam boasts breathtaking landscapes, featuring dramatic highland valleys, picturesque tiers of rice paddies, and majestic limestone mountains. Our offerings encompass a diverse range of experiences, from half-day hikes in Sapa to epic three-day ascents of Mount Fansipan, Vietnam’s tallest peak, or immersive five-day treks in the remote northern regions of Cao Bang and Ha Giang.


In the secluded hill country of northern Vietnam, near the borders with China and Laos, lies a hidden gem for trekkers seeking a path less traveled. Here, in a region largely untouched by mainstream tourism, traditional ethnic minority communities warmly welcome hikers to experience their simple homestays. This immersive journey provides invaluable insights into cultures and traditions far removed from the modern urban lifestyle of Vietnam. Trekking trails wind through captivating landscapes, connecting villages surrounded by meticulously terraced rice fields and pristine forested hills, offering opportunities to engage with local farmers and share meaningful interactions.


Most of our trekking tours are private and fully customizable to align with your schedule, group size, and budget. Simply inform us of your preferences, and we will tailor a personalized trekking itinerary that suits your needs.

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