Rock Climbing Tours

Rock Climbing Tours is our carefully curated selection of the best rock climbing adventures available in Vietnam. We offer these thrilling tours in Halong Bay, Cat Ba Island, Mai Chau, and Lang Son.


Among these locations, Halong Bay stands out as the premier rock climbing destination in Vietnam. It boasts a paradise for adventure enthusiasts, featuring everything from sport climbing to deep water soloing (DWS). However, there are also other notable climbing areas in Vietnam, primarily in the vicinity of Hanoi. These include Huu Lung, Lang Son, Quoc Oai, Son Tay, and Mai Chau in Hoa Binh province.


At Lotussia Travel, we proudly partner with Asia Outdoors to deliver tailor-made rock climbing tour packages in Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island. Additionally, we offer rock climbing experiences in Mai Chau as part of our two-day trip to this captivating region. Whether you choose to follow the suggested itinerary or prefer a customized adventure, we are here to make your rock climbing experience in Vietnam truly exceptional.

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