5 Most Popular Markets in Vietnam

There are hundreds of markets in Vietnam, and the following ones are among the most popular markets in Vietnam which are worth a visit.

Dong Xuan market

Dong Xuan market

Known as one of biggest and oldest markets in Hanoi, Dong Xuan market located in Dong Xuan ward, which has a history of hundreds of years from the Nguyen dynasty. It associated with ups and downs of Thang Long land thousand years of culture, is point of convergence and witnessed changes of Hanoi capital.

Besides historical values, Dong Xuan is busiest trading, focusing varied household items, shoes, fabrics and clothing. Not only goods, people also know Dong Xuan as the famous nosh area, is familiar destination of tourists who love culinary tradition.

Dong Ba market

Dong Ba market

Dong Ba is the biggest market in Hue, built from 1899 under King Thanh Thai dynasty next to romantic Perfume river. This is one of the familiar tourist sites of travelers when coming here.

Besides the basic necessities served life daily, it also has souvenir items bearing the essence and originality of art. In addition, when coming to Dong Ba market, you also have a chance to taste popular traditional dishes.

Dong Ba market, Trang Tien bridge and Perfume river are symbols of Hue that tourists should visit when traveling to Hue.

Dam market

Dam market

If you travel to Nha Trang, you should visit the famous Dam market once. Dam market appears most of in tours and loved by tourists. With its unique and exotic architecture, located in the city center, Dam market is a popular choice for tourists who want to buy meaningful souvenirs.

Besides consumer products, the market also sells many souvenirs items made from seashells with strange and beautiful shapes. The special product in this market is fresh seafood or local specialties such as “nem”, “cha Nha Trang”.

Ben Thanh market

Ben Thanh market

Ben Thanh market is not only the oldest market but also is a symbol of Ho Chi Minh city. Ben Thanh market has long been a symbol of Saigon. Operated from 1914 to now, this 100-year-old market is not only the place for buying and selling but also is historical witness through ups and downs changes of this city. This place focused many products such as clothing, shoes, fabrics, handicrafts, brocade, jewelry and specialties.

With the traditional value is the long-standing trading center, it attracts many foreign tourists to visit and shop. Here, you will see all hinds of languages to exchange trading.

Nga Bay floating market

Nga Bay market

The West is famous for its floating markets for a long time, in which Nga Bay floating market is the most famous long-standing one in Mekong Delta.

Nga Bay floating market, known as Phung Hiep floating market in Nga Bay town, operated from 1915. This is the famous floating market in Hau Giang province, where takes place buying and selling activities, exchange goods of residents in Mekong Delta. It is not only the place for selling goods but also attracts many tourists.

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