Ba Be Lake, the largest and perhaps the most beautiful natural lake in Vietnam is located in Bac Kan province, about 6 hour drive from Vietnam’s capital – Hanoi.

Ba Be lake is formed by three lakes connected into a single continuous body of water, stretching nearly 8 km north to south. This natural lake is worth a visit because of its breathtaking landscape, the biodiversity and the rich culture of several Vietnamese ethnic groups inhabiting in the area.

As one of the world’s biggest natural lakes, the surface area of Ba Be expands of 500ha during the wet season and never falls dry even at the peak of the dry season. The lake features crystal green water, beautiful islands, spectacular limestone cliffs and caves.

Having been formed approximately 200 million years ago, Ba Be lake Vietnam is surrounded by limestone cliffs, which in turn are covered by primary forests. The lake comprises three zones named Pe Lam, Pe Lu, and Pe Leng.

Three rivers, named Nang, Ta Han, and Nam Cuong, are the main inflows of the lake. The Nang River enters the lake through a large waterfall called Dau Dang. In the lake there are also three islands, named An Ma, Khau Cum, and Po Gia Mai (literally “Widow’s Island”).

Ba Be lake boat tour

Taking a boat trip on Ba Be lakes to enjoy the beauty of the evergreen forests, towering mountains. You will also have the chance to experience the real lives of local people on the shore or on water. Tay and Dao minorities inhabit the few villages in the national park. Most are located on the shores of lakes. It may take you a whole day boat trip to discover all the splendors the lake has to offer.

The lake is surround with rivers, waterfalls, limestone mountains which are covered with tropical forests with high biodiversity: 400 species of plants and nearly 300 animal species. That is why this park is called “the green lung of the Northeast”.

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