Ba Be National Park Videos

Ba Be National Park videos are our collections of Ba Be National Park video clips, Ba Be National Park movies, Ba Be National Park movie clips, trip films are taken in Ba Be National Park, Bac Kan province in northern Vietnam.

Ba Be Lake meaning “Three Lakes” in the local Tay language is the largest natural fresh water lake, stretching about 8 kilometers in the north-south direction. The surface area of the lake fluctuates between 3 and 5 km2 between dry and wet season. Ba Be Lake never falls dry. Its average depth varies between 17 and 23 meters, the maximum depth is 35 meters. The lake lies about 150 meters above sea level, making it also Vietnam’s highest. The name “Three Lakes” refers to the three parts of the lake named Pe Leng, Pe Lu, and Pe Lam. All these three parts are connected into a single continuous body of water, however.

Both spring and winter are the best times to visit Ba Be Lake. The weather is pleasant come August and September but it’s by far the most crowded season for the park.

Ba Be national park trekking is the best activity you should do when you travel to Ba Be, Bac Kan. Trekking in the park, through the primitive forest, and local hill tribe villages offers a wonderful experience.If you travel to Ba Be national park in summer, Ba Be lake kayaking is also a good way to discover Nang river.Those who are keen on adventure experience can book a Ba Be national park motorbike tours.


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