Bac Kan city is the provincial capital of Bac Kan province, Vietnam. Bac Kan city, bordered by Bach Thong and Cho Moi districts does not offer much travel activities. If you are interested in hiking or cycling in Bac Kan town, you should travel further north to Ba Be district where we at Lotussia run a wide range of jungle treks and mountain bike tours.

The town traces its origins to a fort established in 1880 and upgraded to city on 11 March 2015. It is divided into six wards including Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Duc Xuan, Song Cau, Phung Chi Kien, Huyen Tung, Xuan Hoa, and 2 communes are Duong Quang, and Nong Thuong.

The history

Bac Kan was established as a fort in 1880 for troops of the Nguyen government during the 1878 revolt of Li Yung Choï coincident with the Black Flag Army. Following Li’s capture and decapitation, the remains of his group reformed under Liu Zhiping and with 5,000 men attacked the fort defended by 300 Annamite soldiers in 1881.

The town of Bac Kan was one of the early headquarters of the Viet Minh in the war against the French. Jean-Étienne Valluy aimed to surround the area and capture the town in Operation Léa between 7 October and 22 December 1947. A parachute drop caught the Viet Minh by surprise and seized letters left on the desk of Ho Chi Minh. Both Ho and Vo Nguyen Giap escaped only by hiding in camouflaged holes nearby.

When to go

The climatic condition of Bac Kan city is typically tropical monsoonal, which exhibits two distinct seasons namely, the rainy season from May to October accounting for about 88-90% of the annual rainfall and dry climatic conditions between November and April. This results in water shortage conditions during the dry months.

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