Bac Son Lang Son, one of the 11 mountainous districts of Lang Son Province is located in the Northeast region of Vietnam, about 3 hour drive from Hanoi. Bac Son district covers an area of 698 km², offering a range of off the beaten track holidays in Vietnam. Options include Bac Son road trip, mountain hiking, jungle trekking, homestay, road cycling, community tour, student educational travel, motorcycle, motorbike tours from Hanoi.

The district is divided into 1 township and 19 communes including Bac Son, Long Dong, Quynh Son, Huu Vinh, Chieu Vu, Hung Vu, Tran Yen, Nhat Tien, Nhat Hoa, Vu Lang, Vu Son, Vu Le, Tan Thanh, Tan Huong, Tap Lap, Tan Tri, Chien Thang, Dong Y, and Van Thuy.

When to go

Bac Son Vietnam weather has an average annual temperature of 17–22 °C and an average annual rainfall of 1,200–1,600 millimetres (47–63 in). The average temperature in the summer is 28.5 °C (83.3 °F) and 12–13 °C (54–55 °F) in the winter, It has an average humidity of 80–85% and an average of 1600 hours of sunlight a year.

Getting to Bac Son

The best way to get to Bac Son from Hanoi is to rent a car with driver. You will be picked up at your place in Hanoi and brought to Bac Son. Those who are on budget can take a public bus from Hanoi to Lang Son city. Once in Lang Son city, either take a Lang Son local bus or a motor-taxi to get to Bac Son. Hanoi Lang Son city bus journey takes about 4 hours on road. There are also local buses from neighboring provinces to Lang Son. There might be direct buses from Hanoi to Bac Son.

Booking a guided tour (with a tour guide) is highly recommended, especially when you travel to an off the beaten path destination like Bac Son Vietnam.

What to see and do

Bac Son valley

Bac Son Vietnam is best known for its beautiful Bac Son valley that deserves to be known as a green paradise on Earth. This valley is situated 250 miles north of Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city, and it is an ideal place for agriculture. One interesting aspect about this valley is its incredibly high mountains which are about 500-1200 meters high. These mountains together with the valley’s paddy fields create that great scenic landscape that you can only see after climbing 500 steps to reach the peak of the mountain.


Hiking is one of the best activity to explore Bac Son Vietnam. Discover Bac Son tropical forest, karst mountains and Tay, Nung hill tribes around Bac Son on a jungle trek. Whether it is a single day hike or multi day trek we have something to suit everybody. Maybe you just want to trek through the primitive forest or maybe you really want to get away from the crowds we have something to suit.


Cycling in Bac Son Vietnam to discover the unseen Vietnam. Bac Son district has sealed, paved roads offering fantastic bike rides for enthusiastic road cyclists and mountain bikers. We have a range of road cycling trips and mountain bike tours around Bac Son and the Lang Son region, providing options for both those who want some road bike tours and those who prefer long rides.

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