Bao Lam Cao Bang, a mountainous district of Cao Bang Province is located in the northeast region of Vietnam. The district covers an area of 902 km², and offers a wide selection of beautiful off the beaten path tours such as Bao Lam road trip, mountain hike, jungle trek, trekking homestay, mountain biking, community tour, charity, volunteer, educational travel…

Bao Lam district is divided into 1 township and 13 communes including Pac Miau, Mong An, Thai Hoc, Thai Son, Nam Cao, Nam Quang, Tan Viet, Yen Tho, Quang Lam, Thach Lam, Ly Bon, Duc Hanh, Vinh Quang, and Vinh Phong.

When to go

The geographical setting of Bao Lam is mostly mountainous, with land available for habitation thus being limited. The average temperature reported in the area is 22 °C (72 °F). Winter temperatures in some areas occasionally experience freezing conditions and some amount of snowfall.

Getting to Bao Lam

The best way to get to Bao Lam from Hanoi is to rent a car with driver. You will be picked up at your place in and brought to Bao Lam. Those who are on budget can take a local bus to Cao Bang town, and from there either take another local bus or motor-taxi to get to Bao Lam. A bus from Lang Son on the China-Vietnam border take 4-5 hours. There are also buses from the neighboring provinces in northern Vietnam.

Taking a guided tour to Bao Lam is highly recommended. Traveling with a local guide is particularly important when you travel to an off the beaten path place like Bao Lam Vietnam.

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