Cai Bau Pagoda – Quang Ninh

Cai Bau pagoda is situated on the mountains and overlooking Bai Tu Long Bay having with thousands of stunning islets. Cai Bau pagoda, also known as Truc Lam Giac Tam Monastery is a wonderful destination of visitors from all walks of life not only by charming landscape but cozy ambience of the fairy land as well, which makes for a quite temple bells, chants each of types as more and more ringing gong.

The Cai Bau pagoda was built on the throne Phuc Linh Tu Temple of the Chen in period of the war against invaders- 13th century Mongolia, where it was witnessed battles anticipation, set the stage for the Bach Dang victory in 1288.

Constructed in the spirit of the temple area, Truc Lam Giac Tam Monastery is to commemorate the heroic virtues of the Tran who lost in the war and reminiscent of the old shrine. For years the temple has been widened and built new buildings such as main hall, bell tower, floor drum, three drum, three ports, up rooms, guest houses and so on.

Sanctum has a total area of 6.000 m2; tow-storey upper set of Shakyamuni Buddha, the back is bronze plaque describing the scene of the Bodhi tree. The two sides are statues of Manjushri and Samantabhadra Bodhissattva to symbolize wisdom and compassion. On the walls around the main hall is the exquisite bas-relief bronze which describes the Buddha’s life since his birth at Lumbini garden until enter Nirvana.

Downstairs is currently the group, the word church Patriarch, Bodhidharma birth to Truc Lam Zen, Buddhist Emperor Sect maintains in Vietnam. From here you look down Bai Tu Long Bay immense waves in the still air of pure temple bell and the global concerns of life are often drowned.

In order to preserve the Buddhist sanctuary, works of order and security in the padoda region is well carried out by nuns and Buddhists. None of us is allowed for sale in the pagoda’s campus. If visitors want to stay overnight and enjoy vegetarian meals here, they will not have to pay any money.

The pagoda just has arks of merit for donating as tourists’ virtue. Obviously, it is a spiritual tourist attraction for tourists who have chance to visit both Halong Bay and the pagoda, Quang Ninh with peaceful mind, fresh air and appealing landscape.

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