Chu Mom Ray National Park – Kon Tum

Chu Mom Ray National Park is formed from Chu Mom Ray Nature Reserve with an area of over 56,000ha. The park includes two districts of Sa Thay and Ngoc Hoi in Kon Tum Province, about 30km to the northwest of Kon Tum City.

The park is the only national park in Vietnam which shares the border with the two countries of Laos and Cambodia. It has the highest biodiversity in the system of national parks in Vietnam.

Flora and Fauna

Chu Mom Ray National Park has nearly 1,500 flora species belonging to 154 families and 551 branches, of which 131 rare species such as orchirds, gymnosperms, dipterocarp, nageia fleuryi, podocarpus annamiensis, dalbergia cochinchinensis, dalbergia oliveri…

The national park also owns diversified fauna system with 452 species including 115 species of mammals, 276 species of birds, 44 species of reptiles and 17 species of amphibians. The national park prides of 114 species listed in Red Book of Vietnam and the world. Particularly, Ja Book Valley with an area of over 9,000ha is home to many animals of tigers, gayals, elephants, bulls, leopards, Truong Son cobras… and species of reptiles, amphibians.

The has been recognized as ASEAN Heritage Park by the ASEAN Secretariat since 2004.

What to explore at Chu Mom Ray national park?

To Chu Mom Ray, visitors will have the opportunity to discover wild natural landscapes, visit some tourist sites such as Truong Son Path, Bo Y International Border Gate, Yaly Hydroelectric Plant… and also learn about manners and customs of local ethnic people.

There are also several attractions around the national park including Lung Leng Archaeological Site, Ngoc Linh Mountain, Yali Waterfalls, Mang Den Ecotourism Site, Chu Dang Ya Volcanic Mountain, Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve in Gia Lai province, and Lac Pond, Draynur Waterfalls, Yok Don National Park in Dak Lak province.

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