Dinh Cape is situated in Phuc Dinh commune, Thuan Nam, Ninh Thuan province. Across the sand dunes in the burning sun and dry winds, looking to Dinh Cape travelers will see out front a pristine as well as romantic scene remaining along the coast of Central Southern.

By side the vast and solitary dunes, a peace between landscape and human, the sand storms erase footprints attracted tourists to the beauty of quietness.The long slopes stretched as far as the eye can see, mixed with blue water color, which created a painting by clever arrangement of Mother’s Nature.

Ancient lighthouse 18-meters-height was built of granite played a role of direction for offshore vessels from Phan Rang to Tuy Phong (Binh Thuan), as a navigator for fishermen, especially during the rainy season. It takes about 15 minutes climbing to the lighthouse, crossing twisty one-kilometer-length steep. A view from Dinh Cape that tourists could enjoy the whole coastal road, a poetic picture appears with a range of spectacular mountains.

Trang Beach is considered as an attraction which many young people love, lying under Dinh Cape. Creamy white sand dune is ideal place for overnight camping trip to stargaze, organize a party with friends at weekends. Nearby the beach, only about 3 to 4 fishermen households live, thus idyllic and quiet features still being intact.

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