Dong Loc Crossroad – Ha Tinh

Dong Loc Crossroad is situated in Ha Tinh Province in the north central region of Vietnam. It is the symbol for the iron will and supreme sacrifice of the Vietnamese young volunteers in the Vietnam resistance war of 1954 – 1975.

Located at the intersection of National Road 15A and Provincial Road 2, Dong Loc Crossroad is the legendary place in the resistance war 1954-1975. This was considered as an important traffic artery connecting the North with the South Vietnam.

To ensure the traffic from the North to the South of Vietnam, thousands of soldiers and people lay down at Dong Loc Road Junction, typically 10 female youth volunteers belonging to Squad 4, Company 552, General Company 55 led by Vo Thi Tan.

With the mission to protect Road 15A, 10 female youth volunteers determined to stay at this position nearly 200 days to repair the road and remove the unexploded bombs. On 24 July 1968, they died after bombardment. All were at a tender age, leaving behind pending dreams.

Many special architecture works were built at Dong Loc to commemorate 10 female youth volunteers. The highlights of which are their tombs and statue, victory monument, national memorial stele house of youth volunteer, national tradition house of youth volunteer, display house of Dong Loc Road Junction, Dong Loc bell tower.

Dong Loc Crossroad has been recognized as Special National Relic since 2013. This is a destination to educate revolutionary tradition for young generation and a spiritual site attracting a lot of visitors.

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