Duong Long Tower – Binh Dinh

Duong Long Tower is located at Go Dang, Binh Hoa Commune, Tay Son District, Binh Dinh Province. This is a complex of 3 biggest towers in Binh Dinh.

Duong Long Tower, also called Thap Nga meaning “ivory tower,” is located 40km from Quy Nhon and 270km from Da Nang City. It is a group of 3 towers. The highest tower is in the middle. It is 35m high. The two others are 22m. They were built in the 12nd century with very beautiful architecture.

The tower’s body is built of bricks. The corners have got motifs with stone carvings of sacred animals such as Garuda birds, elephants, and eagles. Its gate faces the east and is rather high (about 1.5m) and the gate’s frame is made of big stones. Its upper part is built of big stones, which are skillfully superimposed on each other.

Many big, body leaf-shaped bas embossments describing monks, dancers and singers are found on the walls. These figures with rather big heads wear corner hats. Especially, the top of the tower looks like a great lotus with its rising petals.

All the decorative motifs of the tower are very big and carved on sandstone. They are well-preserved. Duong Long tower is one of the most beautiful Cham tower in Central Vietnam.

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