Gie Trieng Ethnic Group

The Gie Trieng ethnic minority, other names Dgich, Tareh, Giang Ray, Pin, Trieng, Treng Ta Lieng, Ve, La Ve, Bnoong live Kon Tum Province and the mountainous areas of Quang Ninh Province.

The Gie Trieng lives in long houses built on stilts. Houses in the village are gietriengarranged in a circle around the Rong (communal house). Young woman decide when they will marry according to their own initiative. The Gie Trieng believes that all beings have a “soul” and a “spirit”. Therefore ritual ceremonies and the watching of good and bad omens have prevailed. The sacrifice of buffaloes is a common ritual ceremony.

Men usually wear loincloths. Women wear skirts long enough to cover their chests and some have adapted to wearing a bra sewn into their skirts.

The Gie Trieng lives mainly on the cultivation of the land, hunting, fishing, and gathering.

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