Ha Giang Weather February

Ha Giang Weather February, you will find that there is a huge rush in the city and there are varieties of tourists coming to Ha Giang to enjoy the beauty of the nature. February is a pleasant time for the residents as well as for travelers where you can expect to enjoy plenty of sunshine and also can witness the clear and the beautiful blue sky. The temperature found in the North is comparatively cool which may reach an average temperature of 17°C.

The average annual temperature in the provincial city of Ha Giang City is 22.78 °C (73.00 °F); the monthly averages range from a low of 15.48 °C (59.86 °F) in January to a high of27.88 °C (82.18 °F)C in July. The annual rainfall in Ha Giang City is 2,430.1 millimetres (95.67 in); the monthly average varies from a low of 31.5 millimetres (1.24 in) in December to a high of 515.6 millimetres (20.30 in) in July. The average annual humidity level is 84%.

The Rainfall in this month can also be experienced, but it is very less in February. Though there is the probability of experiencing the misty haze in Ha Giang region. It usually takes place in the coastal areas. In the northern region there are the chances of witnessing the dry and chilly weather condition which also gives rise to the cloudy and foggy condition. The place is visibly covered with fog and mist in the night and therefore there is the need of the substantial clothing is necessary.

Is February the best time to visit Ha Giang?

You don’t have the best weather to visit Ha Giang in February. Therefore, you have the chance to experience the TET festival which used to fall into late January – early February. There are many activities before the Tet. Most of the market are busy, colorful.

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