Ha Giang Weather October

Ha Giang weather October. Ha Giang province is located in the far north of the country, and contains Vietnam’s northernmost point. Ha Giang shares a 270 km long border with Yunnan province of southern China, and thus is known as Vietnam’s final frontier.

Climatically, Ha Giang has two seasons, dry and monsoon, dependent on the altitude of the region. The two northern Indochinese climatic zones on the border influence the climate in that part of the province. The lower areas in the province comprise low hills, the Lo River Valley and the town of Ha Giang.

October is the month when it witnesses the end of the wet season in the northern region. The month is now ready to experience the fall in the temperature which makes the climate quite relaxing and a soothing one. You may also enjoy the rainfall in the month of October and in the second half of the month turns out to be quite cooler as the dry winter approaches. The average temperature that is found in this month is nearly 26°C.

Things seem to improve in October and you will find that the sky is much clearer and brighter. In the north the weather found in the mountain region of Sapa and Ha Giang is very dry and clear while in the best trekking condition for the adventure lovers. There is less rainfall and the people can take a complete break from the high humidity which was quite prevalent in the past few months.

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