Hang Hanh Cave – Quang Ninh

Hang Hanh cave is situated about 9km to the west of Cam Pha town, Quang Ninh province, northern Vietnam. Hanh cave is the longest cave in the area Halong Bay, Quang Ninh. It is a 1300m long, which go through the Quang Hanh limestone range to the sea.

We at Lotussia provide the two day car trip to Hang Hanh cave offering you the chance to discover at your own pace the Hang grotto as well as northern Vietnam rural villages.

In front of the cave, there is a sheer rocky block, which is like a tower, and there is a temple on it called Ba Co temple. It is said that, there were three girls who came to this cave. Because it was so beautiful, they forget the time and forever locked inside. They turned into the god of sea, and people often pray for blessing from their souls.

Near the entrance gate, there are small boats to carry the visitors and they could only come in when the tide is lowest. Before coming in, people should have torch or flashlight. A small boat usually use 60-90 minutes to come in and out of the cave.

The small boat let you come to each cliff, each stalactite. It is sluggish drifted in a quiet space with only sounds from the oar striking the water. The deeper, the more beautiful the cave is. The sparkling bunch of flowers, orchards, diamond, etc along with the sounds of waves slapping against the cliff creates the beautiful figures. The French named this Le tunnel. The entrance is so low; therefore, we can only pass in by sitting on a small boat.

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