Hanoi Young Pioneer Palace

Hanoi Young Pioneer Palace, also called Hanoi Children’s Palace is situated at 36 Ly Thai To Street, Hoan Kiem district, in downtown Hanoi.

During the French domination period, the building was divided into two parts: the northern area was a kindergarten and the southern area was a French club. After Liberation Day in October 1954, the building became the Young Pioneer Center. It is designated for the creative work, sport training and extracurricular activities of Young Pioneers and other schoolchildren.

Young Pioneer Palaces originated in the Soviet Union (USSR). After the collapse of the Soviet Bloc and the Soviet Union itself, they were transformed into depoliticized youth extracurricular establishments.

In 1973, the infrastructures were renovated and upgraded with the assistance of the former Czechoslovakia. Today the six-storey building features nearly 100 well-equipped rooms for the practice and study of different subjects, including technology, culture, and arts. There is also a library with thousands of books.

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