Hoi An Lanterns

Hoi An lantern are various size and shape, from normal lantern to dragon lantern or fish lantern with full of color. Hoi An people highly pride on their lantern. It is very simple and easy to do only with hard-work. In past, there was no “night of ancient city”.

In past and now, when mention to Hoi An trade villages, it is always said to Thanh Ha pottery, Kim Bong carpenter villages, hardly to the lantern work. Years recently, Hoi An lantern work has developed greatly because out of the rules of town committee all families light lantern in the night of ancient city (monthly 14th lunar calendar) and tourists buy a lantern as a souvenir.

There are about 30 families working lantern in Hoi An. They have to use the old bamboo soaking ten-day in salt water against wormhole and moth then drying it and sharpening it as the size of lantern. Cloth must be silken or nylon cloth, enough toughs for stretching and stretching worker need good technique to do it. To be done a couple of lantern requires 4-work day and 3 decorative works.

The recurrent night of ancient city, holidays, tet holiday with multi- color lantern on very roads. It make everybody feel a happier and more lovely Hoi An.

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