Hre Ethnic Group

The Hre ethnic minority, also called Cham Re, Chom Kre, Luy live in the western parts of Quang Ngai and Binh Dinh provinces.

The Hre are atheists. The small-sized nuclear family unit is very common hreamong the Hre. They live in stilt houses and the village chief is considered to have high prestige and plays an important role in village life.

The Hre language belongs to the Mon-Khmer Group and has close ties to the Xo-Dang and Ba Na languages. The Hre often hold buffalo-stabbing ceremonies which are accompanied by verses and songs. The Ka choi and Ka leu are two very popular tunes. Their musical instruments include the Brook, Ching Ka la, Ling Ia (traversal flute), and Ta lia (longitudinal flute).

Men wear loincloths and waist-deep vests. They may also remain bare chested and wear turbans as headgear.

The Hre grow wet rice and farm. Basketry and weaving are other forms of income generation.

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