Kho Muong Homestay – Pu Luong

Kho Muong Homestay is provided in Pu Luong Nature Reserve,  in Thanh Hoa province. The area is closed to Mai Chau and Cuc Phuong national park.

Homestays in Kho Muong are commonly with ethnic minority families in their stilt houses. Most of them are Muong. Taking a Pu Luong tour, you will spend a few nights in Kho Muong homestay and you will love the experience.

Stilt houses consist of a large, usually sparsely furnished communal area under a thatched roof. The kitchen is sometimes at one end of the room, sometimes in the open space underneath the building. The communal area is used for relaxing, eating and sleeping, and in a genuine homestay it’s all of you in together, hosts included.

At night mattresses are laid out on the floor in a row, separated by individual mosquito nets and curtains for privacy.

The bathroom facilities are basic and housed in separate blocks. They have Western-style toilets and are invariably clean, but not all things are always in working order, especially the showers.

[dt_hotel_room room_type=’Shared Dormitory’ persons=’1′ facilities=’Soft Mattresses, Mosquito Net, Shared Bathroom, Shower, Breakfast, Dinner, Shared Lounge/TV Area, Laundry’ price=’$20′ available=’For Families’ /]

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