Mae Kam Pong Village – Chiang Mai

Mae Kam Pong is a beautiful mountain village, only about an hour’s drive from Chiang Mai. The village is located at around 1300 metres altitude so temperatures are pleasant year round. A sparkling stream runs through the village.

The village is set in the midst of a largely untouched forest and is the base of Flight of the Gibbon, the first zipline in Chiang Mai province.

Community Based Tourism in Ban Mae Kam Pong was initiated in 1999. It was developed in response to the decline of demand for fermented tea production and as an alternative source of income for local villagers. According to the village headman, as poverty is still a main problem in the area, there is a need to generate jobs and income for villagers in order to prevent them from illegal forest encroachment. With assistance from external organizations, both from the government and non-government organizations, Community Based Tourism was first implemented in April 1999. Activities include village sightseeing, cultural shows and homestay.

This has been very successful and provides the community with extra income.

There are now more than 20 homestay houses in Mae Kam Pong. If you have more time, it is definitely worth staying overnight in Mae Kam Pong.

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