Pa Co Homestay – Hoa Binh

Pa Co is a Blue Hmong majority village situated high in the hills at an altitude of 1500m in the beautiful Mai Chau valley in Hoa Binh, 150km west of Hanoi.

In Pa Co Village, it is famous for fair market on every Sunday morning – called as “Pa Co Sunday Market”. The Pa Co weekly market is a visual feast of textiles, costumes and haberdashery. Every Sunday, villagers gather when the market is still covered in dense fog to buy and sell daily produce and livestock as well as textiles and clothing. Interestingly, the ready-made pleated Hmong skirts on sale at the market are now largely printed polyester imports from China, not the traditional ones fashioned from hemp. Few stalls carry handmade batik textiles, with most of the handmade goods limited to applique haberdashery and rolls of hand-woven hemp fabric.

Pa Co Sunday market is special to not only tourists but also local people for its unique spiritual significance. By visiting this market, you have a chance to discover the colorful and unique of H’mong ‘s culture. Booking Mai Chau Paco village trip to know more about Mai Chau valley, Pa Co Hang Kia Village, Pa Co Sunday Market…

[dt_hotel_room room_type=’Shared Dormitory’ persons=’1′ facilities=’Soft Mattresses, Mosquito Net, Shared Bathroom, Shower, Breakfast, Dinner, Shared Lounge/TV Area, Laundry’ price=’$20′ available=’For Families’ /]

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