Quan Son Lake is situated in My Duc District, Hanoi. It covers an area of 850ha with nearly 100 mountains and a diversity of plantation, pagodas and historic relics.

The lake water is clear with fresh air year round. Visitors to the lake will be taken by surprise at the natural beauty: the water, the clouds, the river and the mountains. Quan Son eco-tourism system is covered with rebirth-forests of rare plantation and animal species. Wildlife: birds, reptiles, mammals are plentiful in the forest. The area has retained traces of national cultures, festival traditional identities. The attraction lies in the natural beauties almost untouched and untapped.

The first footing is ferry-berth of Giang Noi Lake. It’s one of three huge lakes of Quan Son. Ranges of 20 mountains could be viewed tram distance, long and surround the lake. There are in the lake cliffs, which look like islets. Visitors to the lake by boat will be able to see mountains named differently: Su Tu, Voi Phuc, Ham Long, Yen Ngua and caves and grottoes: Doi, Ran, Da Truot, Linh Son, Bong Lai, Ngoc Long… Each one is natural wonder with stalagmites and stalactites in imaginative animals: dragons, turtles, ph?nixes and tigers, panthens or birds… Every year, from October to the end of spring, birds can be seen building nests in the Voi valley.

ln rainy season, tram high mountains, waterfalls flow down the lake, creating white foamy waves that make the scenes more beautiful and exciting. Overclimbing Truot Mount, visitors will be more relaxed to breathe in fresh air while viewing the whole nature panorama of Quan Son. Everything here: the lake, the mounts, the forests, the lotus-ponds, the rice fields help to make unforgettable memories.

Around the lake, there are pagodas. Linh Son Pagoda lies at the foot of the Linh Son Mount, mirroring in the Giang Noi Lake. Linh Son Grotto is nearby. It’s not so large but there are beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Pagoda of Cao and Ham Yen are close in sight. Ham Rong Pagoda is a must to see when in Quan Son. It’s built in ancient architecture with decorative designs of dragons, phoenixes, plants, birds and flowers. The pagoda was a revolutionary base during the resistance-war against French invasion.

Camping, boating, fishing and trekking, swimming are available and please don’t forget to try the local specialties cooked by ethnic minorities in stilt-houses or night at the foot of the mountains.

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