Quan Thanh Temple – Hanoi

Quan Thanh Temple is located south of the dike separating the West Lake Truc Bach Lake, Hanoi. This Taoist temple is a historical and cultural vestige from XI century. Quan Thanh temple dedicated to worship the genius guardian of the North. Legend has it that the Temple existed in the south of the To Lich River in the period of Cao Bien, a proconsul of the Chinese Tang Dynasty who built the citadel of Dai La (around 866). This is one of the most remarkable temples in Hanoi and should not miss it.

The Temple is dedicated to Saint Huyen Thien Tran Vu who guarded and administered the north of the country. That is why it is also known as the Tran Vu Temple. Inside the temple you can admire a black bronze statue measuring 3.96 meters and weighing about 4 tons from 1677 representing of the God Huyen Thien Tran Vu.

After King Ly Thai To established the capital (1010), the Temple was moved to the north-west of the capital. It is one of the “Thang Long tu tran” – four famous sacred temples, which also includes Bach Ma (White Horse), Voi Phuc (Kneeling Elephant) and Kim Lien, honouring the Gods who guard at four main directions (East – West – South – North) of the ancient Thang Long Citadel.

The latest renovation dated from the nineteenth century. This temple has a beautiful entrance facade with three portals. Opposite the entrance is four big pillars decorated with design of phoenixes, tigers and other sacred animals in Vietnamese culture. The temple also has a patio decorated by a pond.

Burning incense whiffs in air combine with the quiet making the tranquility not only in atmosphere but also in soul.

We highly recommend this attraction for those who desire discovering architecture, religious culture and a place away of noise and bustle.

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