Son Moc Huong Cave – Son La

Son Moc Huong Cave is situated in Moc Chau town, Son La province, northwest Vietnam. We at Lotussia offer different trips to Moc Chau, Son La offering you the chance to discover the grotto at your own pace.

Moc Chau is the gateway of Son La province as well as the whole north western part of northern Vietnam. The main part of topography is the Limestone Mountains. After thousands of years of the nature’s impact, big grottoes have been created. There are some grottoes that were used for living 30,000 to 70,000 years ago.

Son Moc Huong cave, also called Doi cave or Bat cave covers the area of 6,915 sq m. These caves are the nest of bats. They are crowded and dark, which lets to the name of Hang Doi (bat grotto). The grotto is right in the middle of Moc Chau township. You have to climb 240 stairs to come to the grotto.

It is said that there was a holy dragon flying to the East Sea. When he flied to this land, he saw the grandiose mountains; he decided to land down for a residing. The mountain range is curling around the valley: it is white in the dawn, blue at noon, pink in the afternoon, purple in the eclipse, and that is the body of the dragon. When the dragon died, he thanked to this land and cough out seven gems to give his gratitude, which are nowadays seven small mountains.

In September 1992, the Museum of Son La province and Institute of archeologist of Vietnam did a research on this site. There is a cultural layer, which is about 0.5m thick. Many relics have been collected which showed that there were ancient Vietnamese living here 3,000 o 3,500 years ago.

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