Stone Carving Village – Da Nang

Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village is situated in Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City. Perhaps no one comes to the Marble Mountains without visiting Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village where beautiful marble handicraft works are produced.

The Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village has a three or four-hundred-year history. This is affirmed by some steles which still remain at some ancient pagodas in the Quang Nam Province. Currently, there is a temple of the “Marble Fine Arts Founders” at the well-known spot of the Marble Mountains.

Many ancestor anniversary activities take place largely in this village on the sixth day of the first lunar month every year. Many gardens of statues have their back to the mountains. So, the overall artistic spaces of these gardens are arranged skillfully thanks to the outside landscape.

Visitors will be very interested in and surprised by the artistic stone works exhibited at the Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village. Polished, petite and sophisticated statues are presented with both traditional and modern motives and taken to parts of the world by visitors.

Lifeless stone has become a lively thing with the human spirit through the craftsmen of the Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village. It is certain that this process takes place in many work stages, including extremely difficult ones. The happiness with the completed works, the admiration of connoisseurs and also the benefits from the job united the people of this fine arts village in their careers.

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