Ta Phin Village is located in Ta Phin Commune, Sapa District, about 12km northeast of Sapa Town. The village is surrounded by mountains and spectacular rice terraces.

There are two Vietnamese ethnic groups living in harmony in Ta Phin village including the Red Dao, who make up the majority, and the Black Mong. A visit to Ta Phin village offers visitors the chance to distinguish the difference in culture, way of living of ethnic minorities in Sapa.

A common sight in the village is to see the woman and the girls sitting together, gossiping and laughing, head down focused on a piece of indigo colored cloth. They make their embroidery and brocade products that are sold and traded amongst the villages and visitors. The locals are friendly and will invite the visitors to go to their homes to show how they live and what they have.

Ta Phin Village is also a great destination for Sapa trekking tours. Whether you choose to stay overnight in the village or just visit for a day, you will find an itinerary that fits your requirements. Travel to Ta Phin village you will meet locals working in the rice field, see traditional house, visit caves and enjoy traditional medicine bath.

The best time to visit Ta Phin village is in late afternoon when visitors can enjoy amazing view of sunset over the village and the whole surrounding areas.

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