Thac Bo cave is located in Chua mountain range, in Bung commune, Ngoi Hoa commune, Tan Lac district, Hoa Binh province. We at Lotussia run 2 day Hanoi Hoa Binh road trip offering you the chance to discover Thac Bo tour at your own pace.

Take a boat trip on Da river. You go upstream on Da River for about 17K. Chua mountain is located just by the water line. On the dry season, there are about 100 staircases to climb to reach the entrance of the cave. In the full water, the boat can take you up to that point.

The entrance is 25m high, 20m wide. This limestone mountain range is about 8km long. The cave is 100m long. The widest part is about 20m. It is separated into three main parts.

The first part is clear with high dome. This is set like a waiting room. There are not many stalactites. But they are quite impressive. We have to cross a bridge of 30m long, set above a small lake, inside the cave to come to the second part. In the dry season, there is no water in the lake; there is water only when the Da River flows through the entrance of the cave. Along the walking way there are stone of strange shape. Some of these are 2m height. This is said the guide of the cave:)

As we go further inside the cave, we find much more stalactites which look like a forest of stones. In the middle of the cave, there is a big pillar. The next part on the right is difficultly accessible.

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