Thang Hen Lake – Cao Bang

Thang Hen lake is located in Tra Linh District, about 25km from Cao Bang city, Cao Bang province. The lake is about 3000m in length and 1000m in width. Actually this consists of 36 stunning, small lakes on the mountain.

“Thang Hen” means “lake retention” in the local language. Its stream comes from the cave of the same name, Thang Hen. Water flows from the mouth of cave into the lake. In the rainy season, Thang Hen lake’s water color is still blue while the other lakes’s become red.

According to the legend, there was a smart guy living in Tra Linh. He was so handsome that made many girls sobbing. He passed the examination and became mandarin. He was rewarded 7 days to come back his hometown. Being so happy with the new marriage, he failed to depart for the capital city on time. Only in the seventh night did he remember to come back. Saying goodbye to the young wife and her parents, he hurriedly ran back to the imperial city. Passing 36 valleys, through rocky mountains in the midnight, he was so tired that he dropped down and unexpectedly smashed into the mountain and died.

The 36 lakes of different sizes that we see today are all beautiful. It is believed that the place where the young men died is now the location of Thang Hen Lake.

Thang Hen Lake Cao Bang is blessed with charming landscape of green trees, blue water, and the bending lozenge shape around the valley. Water level in the lake changes every day, rise or drop.

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