Thien Ha Cave – Ninh Binh

Thien Ha Cave is situated in Son Ha commune, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh province, about 150km from Hanoi city’s center. This is a beautiful attraction in the core zone of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site – Trang An.

Thien Ha cave is located in the hillside of the Tuong Mountain range, at about 200m above the sea level. To reach this cave, firstly you need to take a bamboo boat trip which goes among paddy fields. After about 1km, you come to the land, and the cave is on your front mountain. Walk for about 500m, you would come to the cave gate.

The gate of the cave is about 4m high with thousands of stalactites in different shapes. Once you are inside the grotto, look back to the gate, you see a sparkling light ribbon which comes through the gate to reflect the stalactites.

Thien Ha grotto is about 700m length. The inner part can be divided into two areas including the dry cave, 200m length ; and the water cave of 500m length. There are lots of shapes and figures of stalactites which inspire the curiosity of visitors.

Coming to the water grotto, visitors would float on the underneath river which is called Galaxy. There are also many stalactites under different shapes. In the peaceful space, visitors would feel the sound of the oar striking ; the sound of water dropping and the noise made by thousands of bats inside the grotto.

Thien Ha cave was discovered in 2007 and open to tourism since 2010. At the discovery, there was a small gate whhich was covered by trees. The hillside parts was full of mud.


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