Thuy Tien Waterfall – Dak Lak

Thuy Tien Waterfall is situated in Krong Nang District, Dak Lak Province. The waterfall is also called three-level waterfall or 3 tang in Vietnamese. This is very beautiful and poetic with many stones of various shapes and sizes, which are heaped up so that they look pleasant to the eyes.

Coming to Thuy Tien Waterfall, visitors can immerse themselves in nature; listen to the sound of spring in a wide majestic forest. Atop the waterfall, water falls down onto rocky terraces, creating much white spume, which make the waterfall looks like a lively picture, fanciful scenery of mountain landscape of the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Thuy Tien waterfall consists of three layers. The first one has a low slope with steps; the spring is narrow, flowing gently through foliage of green leaves like flower trellis. Trees’ roots fall down look like swinging hammocks. The second layer has rocky tiers. Here, the water creates various small and shallow lakes, where tourists can take a bath. From a far, the water looks like white flowers blossom under the sunshine of the Central Highlands.

At the third layer, the water falls vertically to the ground, creating a deep lake, from which water flows gently, snaking its way through the tranquil jungles.

Together with other waterfalls such as Dray Sap, Trinh Nu, or Krong Kmar, Thuy Tien Waterfall is one of the best places to visit in Dak Lak. This is a fairy hidden in the green jungle of Tay Nguyen, inviting tourists near and far come to enjoy its poetic beauty.

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