Tram Mountain is located in Phung Chau Commune, Chuong My District, about 20km from Hanoi city’s center. It is an ideal place for weekend gateways and day trips from Hanoi.

In ancient times, the brightest and finest star of the heavens, Tu Vi, suddenly fell from the sky and has transformed into a mountain. The local people named it Tram mountain. In 1669, a text was carved in the stone half way up its walls. The mountain was then called Mountain Long Chau or Mt. Phat Tich (the mountain embracing relics and traces of the Buddha).

Tram mountain is indeed a precious gift of nature. Enamored with the beautiful landscape of Tram mountain, in 1516 King Le Chieu Tong had a royal stopover pavilion built and ordered the digging of canals and clearing of streams around the mountain for dragon-boat rides whenever he was free from national affairs.

Quite a few religious structures such as altars and shrines, temples and pagodas were built during following dynasties. As a result, today, many architectural vestiges of different times are found, such as the Pagodas of Long Tien, Quan Yin, Vo Vi and Ba Lang, the Cao Son Temple, Mother’s Temple, stone-slab pavilions and towers.

Due to the wear of ages and the devastation of wars and nature, some of the architectural relics could not be kept intact and others lie in ruins such as the tower and little temple on the southwestern slope of the mountain.

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