U Minh National Park – Ca Mau

U Minh Ha national park

U Minh Ha National Park or National Park of Lower U Minh is located in Ca Mau Province, southern Vietnam. The park has an area of 82.86 square kilometers and was established on 20 January 2006 to protect low wetland ecosystem in the region.

Being flooded everyday by tidal waters, the salt-bearing trees grow in this environment with animals and microorganisms. U Minh Forest comprises several types of plants, the most common being mam, mangrove, and indigo. The biological productivity of this land is the highest among Vietnam’s ecosystems.

U Minh Thuong national park

U Minh Thuong National Park or National Park of Upper U Minh is situated in the province of Kien Giang, Vietnam. The park covers approximately 80.53 km2 (30 square miles) with the nearest city being Rạch Gia.

U Minh Thuong National Park is widely considered the richest region of the Mekong delta in terms of plant and animal biodiversity. It boasts of over 243 plant species. The park has a rich and varied mammalian population, totaling an impressive 32 species, including hairy-nosed otters and fishing cats.

U Minh Thuong National Park is a haven for rare and endangered birds. A total of 187 species of birds has been recorded here, including the oriental darter, spot-billed pelican, black-headed ibis, glossy ibis, greater spotted eagle and Asian golden weaver. There are also a total of 39 amphibian species and 34 species of fish in the park.

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