Vietnam Weather August

Vietnam Weather August. Vietnam has a varied landscape, ranging from beaches to mountains to jungle, as well as a varied climate. The weather in Vietnam is dictated by two seasons – the southwest monsoon from April to September and the northeast monsoon from October to late March or early April.

The month of August is mixed with rain and dry in Vietnam. Central area of the Vietnam continues to remain dry whereas north and south are wet with the high humidity level. Cities in North Vietnam like Sapa, Mai Chau, Bac Ha, Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Hanoi and others experience lots of rain and hot weather. A heavy shower with lots of thunderstorms can be experienced in northern Vietnam cities. Trekking in the northern area of Vietnam is hard because of rain water.

The central area of Vietnam like Da Nang, Hue, Hoian and others experience hot weather with time to time shower. It starts to rain here as well but towards the end-days of August month. You can visit central Vietnam in the first week of August to enjoy beautiful beaches and warm weather. Highlands in central area experience rain though. Whereas south Vietnam experience lots of heavy rain. Lots of showers throughout the day can be seen here in should Vietnam.

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