Vietnamese Propaganda Pictures

Vietnamese propaganda pictures are prime works of arts highlighting political and national events. These pictures reflect social life in a lively way by using graphic language.

Some propaganda pictures features some big events of the country such as the August Revolution (August 19), Reunification Day (April 30), National Day (September 2), National Assembly election, and Party Congresses.

These pictures have strongly impacted on the public encouraging them in a progress of national construction and defense. There are different ways of creating political pictures. Advanced technology makes it easy for a propaganda painter to create an art work. But this also poses a challenge for them due to risks of overlapping. This requires the painter to be more creative.

Propaganda pictures depicting President Ho Chi Minh are one of the popular topics among Vietnamese painters. During war time, each Vietnamese painter had at least one or two propaganda pictures while professional painters created hundreds of works. Many pictures were painted on the walls, and printed in newspapers. Each picture carries a message.

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