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Vietnamese Women Museum is located in Ly Thuong Kiet Street, downtown Hanoi, just 500m from the central Hoan Kiem (Restored Sword) Lake and the old quarter of Hanoi.

Vietnamese Women Museum was established in 1987 and run by Vietnam Women’s Union. It is a gender museum with functions of research, preservation, and display of tangible and intangible historical and cultural heritages of Vietnamese women and Vietnam Women’s Union. It is also a centre for cultural exchange between Vietnamese and international women for the goal of equality, development and peace.

The Vietnam Women Museum covers a 4,500m² area planted with beautiful trees. It was open on the 20th October 1995 on the 65th anniversary of the Vietnamese Women’s Association’s establishment.

Documents and objects are displayed and carefully preserved and maintained in this place, expressing the role of women in the process of the development of the Vietnamese nation. The museum is also a place for cultural exchange for Vietnamese and international women with the goal of creating equality, development, and peace.

Since its open to public in 1995, VWM has successfully held many exhibitions, serving hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese and international visitors a year. It has a collection of more than 25,000 objects and materials related to Vietnamese women.

In late 2010, VWM reopened to public its permanent exhibit after four years of upgrading and refurbishing with three themes:

  • Women In Family
  • Women In History
  • Women’s Fashion

The newly renovated Vietnamese Women’s Museum is introducing better displays with contemporary curation and story telling and updated facilities, making it very unique and impressive. At the same time, Vietnam Women Museum has moved from a cultural and historical museum to a gender museum with its rich identity, providing much information on cultural traditions and issues of social and contemporary life. It is a tribute to the role Vietnam’s women have played in history and continue to play in contemporary life.

Coming to the recently refurbished Vietnamese Women’s Museum, visitors will experience new feelings. After seeing more than 1000 materials, objects, and photos displayed in the exhibit, visitors can retell in detail stories about Vietnamese women through rituals and customs in marriage, childbirth and family life; encounter historical and contemporary figures; recollect memories of the wartime; or simply share your joy and enjoyment of the products full of national cultural identity created by Vietnamese women with their creation and dexterity…

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