Xiem Can Pagoda – Bac Lieu

Xiem Can Pagoda also known as Komphir Sakor Prekchru Pagoda is located at Bien Dong A Hamlet, Vinh Trach Dong Commune, Bac Lieu Province, 7km from Bac Lieu city’s center. This is one of the biggest and most splendid Khmer pagodas in Mekong River Delta.

Xiem Can pagoda was built in 1887 on an area of about 43ha with many unique architectural works which are typical for Khmer culture. The pagoda’s gate is designed with three towers at the top and statues of multi-headed snakes according to Cambodian Angkor’s architectural style.

Highlight of the pagoda is the sanctum built on 1.5m-high foundation. The sanctum has multi-layered roof with a tower decorated with the statues of stylized dragons in Khmer culture at every corner. Placed in the highest position inside the sanctum is an altar of the large Shakyamuni Buddha statue and other statues in different postures. There are also some beautiful reliefs and decorative frescos on the walls, ceiling and pillars.

Opposite the sanctum is a pillar with the shape of a five-headed snake where Khmer people often light candles on special days, implying that the Buddhist tenets will shine for human beings and help them to live better and be inclined to do good.

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