Ba Be National Park Photo Gallery

Ba Be National Park Photos is our hand-picked photo gallery of high resolution images, high quality, HD pictures of Ba Be National Park Vietnam to choose from and download. The photo gallery consists of several images taken by our tour guides, drivers, and customers during family holidays, travel photography shoots as well as images of homestay, jungle trek, landscape, and means of transport like cars, trains, scooters…

Ba Be National Park is located in Bac Can Province, 240km from Hanoi and covers more than 23,000 hectares boasting waterfalls, rivers, deep valleys, lakes and caves set amid towering peaks. The area is home to many ethnic minority communities. Ba Be Lake is in fact three lakes linked by wide channels, about 8km long and 400m wide. The surface is always calm, making a boat trip a peaceful experience.

Reaching Ba Be has traditionally meant a six to eight hour drive over rough roads, but the newly constructed highway no3 means that it’s now possible to get here in 5 hours from Hanoi, on well paved roads, while the scenery is as magnificent as ever.

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