Baby basket clams rice – Com Hen

Baby basket clams rice (com hen) is a Vietnamese rice dish originating in Hue. It is made with baby mussels or basket clams and leftover rice and is normally served at room temperature.

Com hen has a sweet-smelling flavor of rice, onion, and grease, as well as strange tastes of sweet, buttery, salty, sour, bitter, and peppery-hot. It requires 15 different raw materials to prepare for the dish, including mussel, fried grease, watery grease, peanuts, white sesames, dry pancake, salted shredded meat, chilly sauce, banana flower, banana trunk, sour carambola, spice vegetables, peppermint, salad, etc.

You have to come to Ben con to have the original Com hen. This is a small islet in the Perfume River in Hue city. However, you can find out the dish on some streets in Hue City.

Com hen is always attractive to many customers because it is tasty and, at the same time, economic to anybody.

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