Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary

Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary is located in Nha Mat Ward, 6km south of Bac Lieu city’s center. The place is considered as one of the most attractive ecotourism spots in Bac Lieu province as well as in the Mekong River Delta Vietnam. Thanks to the biological diversity, the sanctuary was recognized as Nature Reserve in 1984.

Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary Vietnam boasts the natural mangrove forest ecosystem on the area of about 385ha, of which 19ha is primeval forest. It is the home of 46 species of birds, including a large population of white herons. Besides, Bac Lieu Bird Garden also has many valuable and rare species of birds such as painted stork, darter, etc. Their gathering season lasts from May to October, when they build nests to which they return the following year.

What to explore at Bac Lieu bird sanctuary?

Visitors to Bac Lieu Bird Sanctuary can observe the birds through different stages of life, from egg laying to nest building. Some birds build concealed nests to fool predators and increase the life expectancy of their young.

Moreover, the rich flora and fauna gives the lush, natural area a feeling of wonder. The bird sanctuary is a favorite destination of both nature lovers and researchers and visitors to easily find several types of birds listed in Vietnam’s “Red Book” of endangered species of plants and animals. The area is also popular for photographers coming here to take shots of the breathtakingly beautiful birds.

What’s the best time to visit?

The best time to visit Bac Lieu Bird Garden is in the early morning when most birds leave their nests to begin a day of feeding. Alternatively, at sunset, the birds can also be seen more easily as they return to their nests to sleep, flocks of bird fly one after another. This is the ideal moment of enjoying the most spectacular landscape of the sanctuary.

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