Quan De Pagoda – Bac Lieu

Quan De Pagoda also called Gentleman Pagoda or Quan Wu Ancient Temple is located on the bank of Bac Lieu River in Bac Lieu City, Bac Lieu Province, the Mekong Delta Vietnam. The architecture of the Quan De Pagoda deeply characterizes the Hoa ethnic group in Vietnam.

Quan De pagoda was built in 1835 with traditional Chinese architecture. The pagoda was built by a Chau Quai salt merchant who encouraged the local people to raise funds for its construction. It worships Quan Wu general who was Quan Van Truong in Three vassals fighting. The local people respectfully call it Gentleman pagoda or Quan Wu temple. The Hoa people in the area consider the pagoda to be a cultural symbol.

The Buddhist temple houses several religious artifacts. The statue of Quan Wu is at the main chamber of the pagoda. He is considered as the symbol of “loyalty, duties, credit”.

Nowadays, the pagoda still keeps many lacquered boards (engraved with Chinese characters), parallel sentences engraved with Chinese characters in vermillion, and precious wooden shelves for weapons of all martial arts.

The local people including both the Hoa people in Vietnam and Vietnamese pilgrims often go to Gentleman pagoda to pray for gonfalon, peace and luck.

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