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Bach Thuan Village is located in Vu Thu District, Thai Binh province, about 100km from Hanoi city’s center. The villages are covered by green leaves which is why they are named the Bach Thuan Garden Village. Flowers and fruits are specialties of this village where gardening has become an art.

Villages at Bach Thuan are typical of those in the northern delta. There is an alluvial flat at the edge of the commune where mulberry trees (whose leaves are food for silkworms), bananas and sugarcanes are grown. Inside the villages, there are abundant fruit and bonsai gardens. There are various flowers and fruits during all four seasons: apples, guavas, plums, lemons, longans, sapodillas, oranges, tangerines, bananas and jack fruits.

Beside planting ornamental trees, people in Bach Thuan village also grow hoa hoe (Sophora japonica, otherwise known as Japanese pagoda trees) trees to make medicine. Of the 925ha area of the Commune, there is 525ha of farmland. Half of the area is for growing cay hoa hoe. The plant has a high value that helps improve the life of locals.

People also believe that growing hoa hoe in front of the house helps make its owner prosperous. People collect its flowers during three seasons a year (January, June and October). Visiting Bach Thuan village on this occasion, we can enjoy the beautiful sight of flowers in blossom and join the locals in harvesting them.

The flowers are not only beautiful, they are also very beneficial in making medicine. Hoa hoe has a documented history of being used to promote the optimal health of veins and is known as one of the fundamental herbs in traditional medicine. The dried flowers and buds are used as a medicinal herb in China, Japan, Korea and Viet Nam to treat bleeding haemorrhoids and hematemesis.

Bach Thuan village also houses the ancient pagodas of Bach Tinh and Tu Van, both recognized as national treasures. Visiting Bach Thuan village, you may have a feeling that they are wallowing in a park and can enjoy the beautiful scenery by just walking around.

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