Dong Chau Beach – Thai Binh

Dong Chau Beach is located in Tien Hai District, Thai Binh province, about 145km from Hanoi city’s center. The beach lies 5km in length and has reserved much of a wild beauty.

Several hotels and guesthouses have been built to accommodate visitors to Dong Chau beach. Apart from swimming, visitors can take a boat to visit Thu and Vanh Islets, which also houses good beaches. Lying 7km from the coastlines, Thu and Vanh Islets look like two green waves emerging from a 5ha islet, which lures people for its lush forest, green casuarinas-trees, small but picturesque and quiet beaches.

Although Dong Chau is not an ideal place for bathing in the sea, it is interesting for visitors to visit the hillocks by ships or motor-boats from Dong Chau Beach. Highlights include the pure air, soft winds and good climate, which are good conditions for relaxation and convalescing.

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