Da Bac cave is situated in Lien Son commune, Hoa Binh province, northern Vietnam.We at Lotussia provide a full day trip to Da Bac cave. The overnight tour includes optional biking activities. The cave was discovered in 1990. It is a 70m long cave with many small rooms. The entrance is not quite big with a path covered with brick for the visitors to come in.

It is said that in a time coming to the earth of the fairy girls, because of loving the nature, the fairy girls were lost in Da Bac. The beauty pulled them back and did not want to come back to the heaven. The God of heaven knew that news and was angry. He had the gate of the heaven closed and forbidden the fairy girls to be back. They stayed in that place and incarnated into the mountainsides. Since then, the Da Bac cave is also named Tien cave (fairy cave).

Firstly, the Co Tien cave (fairy girl cave) is separated into two rooms: the outer and inner rooms. The outer room is pure, cool, and wide. The stalactites hang down into the curling shapes, which help the room more lively. The under parts are sparkling stalactites which look like the natural ponds with full of waters. The inner room seems to be smaller. The empty range of stone hangs down to create a beautiful and strange image. Only one minute standing there would create the peace in mind and the visitors would feel like being on the fairyland. Visitors would touch those masterpieces of nature.

Beside Co Tien cave is Long Tien cave where the visitors would be surprised because of its special structure. The half part of the cave is in the shape of lined in the logical order. The outside light could come into the cave through a sub-entrance.

At the end of the journey, visitors would come to Mau cave, a special place, which is like the joining of the whole fairy world. The stalactites hang down with different colors. The fairy girls on the cliffs. The Thach Sach under an ancient bayan trees. God Giong on his iron horse and the yellow bamboo to defeat the evils. Such a rare wonderland on earth.

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