Dau Go Cave – Halong Bay

Dau Go cave is situated in the middle of Halong Bay, Quang Ninh province, northern Vietnam. We at Lotussia provide a private day trip to Halong bay from Hanoi offering you the chance to visit the Dau Go cave at your own pace.

From the far distance, the entrance of the cave is in the shape of a jellyfish. After 90 steps up the island, the entrance is reached. The ceiling of the cave is about 25 m. Hundreds of stalactites falling down from the roof of the cave look like a waterfall.

The cave is divided into three main rooms. The outer room is a room with a vault full of natural light, the dome of the cave is a giant canvas with the natural wild landscape of stalactites. Many forms may be seen in the rock formations of the chamber, depending on the imagination of the visitor.

Crossing the first chamber, one enters the second chamber through a narrow passage. The light here is mysterious, and new images appear in the stone. It makes us having a fear and be inquisitive. The stone flowers appears with the shapes of similar and strange things to human, which creates the excitement as well as the curiosity.

The third chamber of the cave is widely opened. At the end of the cave is a well of clear water. Looking up in the dim light we recognize that surrounded is the image of an ancient citadel and a scuffle of elephants, horses, man with bristly sword and spear. All are making a rush and be petrified suddenly.

The history

The name Driftwood Cave came from a popular story of the resistance war against the Yuan – Mongolian aggressors. In a decisive battle, Tran Hung Dao was given the order to prepare many ironwood stakes here, to be planted on the riverbed of Bach Ðang River. The remaining wooden pieces found in the cave have given it its present name.

In 1917, Emperor Khai Ðinh came to visit the cave, and amazed by the beauty of the place, ordered the erection of an engraved stone stele singing the praises of Ha Long Bay and the cave. Today, it remains to the right-hand side of the entrance.

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