Da Bia Village – Hoa Binh

Da Bia village is situated in Tien Phong commune, Da Bac district, Hoa Binh province. It is a community-based village, an ideal destination for travelers to evade the hustle and bustle of the city and explore cultural life of the Muong ethnic group.

Da Bia hamlet is home to 28 Muong ethnic households with cultural space and landscapes kept intact. It has come up with a new idea to develop community-based home-stay services, attracting more and more visitors to the locality to improve local income.

In the hamlet, local residents will guide visitors how to join production, learn about local lives and explore travelling experience in the Da river. They could go rowing and swimming, and catch fish and shrimp. Touching on the crystal-clear water on boat, one could see thousands of small fish swimming freely along rippling wave foams. They could visit Oi Noi market in Tien Phong commune, Ke market in Hien Luong commune, Hat market in Yen Hoa commune, Trang Ang market in Vay Nua commune, Cua Nanh market in Suoi Nanh commune, Moc market in Dong Nghe commune where local specialties such as forest honey bee, hill chicken, dried fish, medicinal plants, bunches of bananas and forest vegetables are available, or go boating to Sung island in Tien Phong district.

It is unforgettable to enjoy simple local food such as steamed anabas and carp with dill and cilantro that goes along with fish sauce and aromatic Doi seed (a rare spice from the northwestern mountainous area). Visitors could choose many locally-farmed special dishes such as mountain bamboo shoot, fern vegetables, boiled papaya leaves, sesame and salt, boiled chicken meat, five-coloured glutinous rice, fish bowels.

Waken up by chirping birds in mild cold autumn climate, one could see clouds drifting around the mountain top amidst the peaceful lake.

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