Da Huong Ancient Tree – Bac Giang

Da Huong Tree (Wild Camphor Tree) is located in Vien Son village, Tien Luc Commune, Lang Giang District, Bac Giang Province. Having thrived for more than six centuries, the Da Dai Vuong (King of Camphor Trees) tree is sacred not only to locals, as its rarity and historical value appeal to scientists as well.

In the period of French domination (the year 1938) the camphor tree had been classified by the EFEO to be a rare old tree species of the North. In the year 1989, the camphor tree and the group of relics in Tien Luc had been classified by the State as a national vestige.

The smallest circumference of the tree foot is over 8.3 m, and the largest one is over 11m, many people together could not embrace the tree foot with their connection circle of two arms. Its average shell is 15 cm thick. The tree is about 40 m high. Leaves of trees is green throughout the year, the flower scent of the tree is fragrant; The flowers bloom in the late spring, early summer, with light yellow, tiny petals and fragrant like hyacinth flowers.

Over more than thousand year, The camphor tree had been still standing in the middle of the sky and land as a proof for the eternal vitality of a brave, and courageous nation. Man had been conquered and amazed by its vigorous, intense vitality.

Recently, with the attention of authorities at all levels and the entrance of scientists, cluster of Tien Luc relics have been invested, upgraded, protected and become attractive destinations for many domestic and abroad visitors, also welcome the scientists to visit and study.

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